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Many business owners underestimate the real cost of not optimizing their utility expenses on an ongoing basis. For nearly 4 decades, our experience has shown that 3 out of 4 businesses are unknowingly overpaying for their natural gas and electricity costs. In Michigan, the regulatory landscape for billing options remains ever-changing. The Michigan Public Service Commission continuously introduces new tariffs and rates that offer businesses the potential to save thousands of dollars in energy costs. However, it’s important to note that these billing options require a business owner to be proactive as they are never automatically applied. A business owners’ cost of inactivity in such a dynamic regulatory environment can lead to unnecessary high costs. A periodic reassessment by an expert is essential to adapt. Safeguard your company’s profits by proactively addressing the potential costs of inactivity. Choose ECORE as your dedicated partner for maximizing utility savings and refunds.

Our service generally results in 5% – 20% annual savings.


ECORE is a utility savings and refund company based in Farmington Hills, MI. We specialize in commercial utility bill analysis, bill optimization, and four-year retroactive refunds. We help companies improve their cash flow by reducing their electricity and natural gas costs. Our goal is to save our clients as much money as possible, as quickly as possible, with no up-front costs. For over thirty years, Ecore has been trusted by thousands of companies throughout Michigan and the Midwest, helping to reduce utility expenses. We have long-standing relationships with all of the Michigan utilities and specialized knowledge of utility rules, regulations, and tariffs to reduce rates and recover refunds that deliver impactful results. With decades of experience working with utility companies, our team’s insights uniquely position us to advocate for our clients. Our clients realize significant savings the first year, but more importantly, continue to save year after year.


1. Information

To start the process, we will need the recent billing statements for all accounts to be audited, completion of a services agreement and a company questionnaire. Ecore only needs one bill for each account. Our team will work with the utility provider to obtain a thorough bill history.

2. Analysis

Ecore’s energy analysts review all bills received and advise of any billing errors, incorrect applications, usage anomalies, duplicate billings or cost recovery opportunities. The statute of limitations enables us to petition for up to a 4-year recalculation of prior billings.

3. Benchmarking

Our team then compares the current pricing structure against our market intelligence and criteria such as company size, peak usage, industry, and other pertinent parameters.
We use custom built algorithms to company billing data with industry, company, and site-specific benchmarks.

4. Implementation

Lastly, after the potential savings are identified after the analysis, all of the necessary paperwork will be processed by Ecore in order to reclaim overcharges and adjust billing rates going forward. If you receive a refund, the funds will be applied to your account as a credit, and in some cases, you have the option to receive a check.


Utility Expense Reduction & Rate Analysis
Ecore experts will conduct a thorough utility bill analysis and find the lowest utility rate option for you. We do this by finding current trends and developments in the industry and advise you and implement the most appropriate rate schedule and options for your needs and usage
Correct Utility Errors & Overcharges
The complexity of invoices and contracts can lead to utility errors and overcharges. We thoroughly examine all of your utility bills for billing errors, refunds, and lower rates, so that we provide every opportunity to reduce the utility costs to your company.

There is absolutely no upfront cost or risk to our clients and it requires a minimal time commitment.


Overbilling is very common. Many accounts are set up on automatic payment without any serious bill review. Is this happening to your company?

We will uncover past billing errors and get your money back if you’ve been overcharged. You may be eligible for refunds, tax credits and lower rates going forward. With the right knowledge and support, you can achieve significant cost savings, both retroactively and proactively

We will make sure you are on the best rate and taking advantage of all available discounts and exemptions. If your company is not already taking advantage of a utility audit, rest assured your competitors are, and the refunds they are receiving are giving them a competitive advantage over you.

Our service generally results in 5% to 20% annual savings.

We work on a contingency fee basis, there are no out-of-pocket costs for you. Our compensation is based on a percentage of the refund or savings that you obtain. If no refund or savings is received, then you pay nothing. This makes our service a true “win-win” proposition.

Maximize your company’s savings year after year and keep more money in your budget for other line items.

Finding billing errors is not something you should leave up to your accounting department. It requires a great deal of time, knowledge, expertise and resourcefulness to determine when and if any overcharges have occurred and to how much of a refund your business is entitled.

Make sure this is not happening to your company, and if it is, stop needlessly overpaying. It is as simple as your participation and sending us a recent bill.


For decades, we have witnessed a significant number of business owners who mistakenly assume that utilities automatically offer the lowest and most suitable rates. Did you know that when enrolling with a utility company, the automated system typically places you on a default rate plan? This standardized approach has proven to be quite costly for many business owners. Indeed, a one-size-fits-all rate plan rarely aligns perfectly with every business. It is essential to recognize that the primary responsibility of utility companies is to establish and uphold robust infrastructure systems that support the electric grid and natural gas network. Utility companies in Michigan are not obligated to automatically provide you with the lowest possible rates. Their role does not inherently involve a fiduciary duty to customize rates according to your distinct usage profile. With our expertise, we can equip your business with insights and strategies, all to your benefit, to ensure you are not overpaying. This is precisely why we have consistently achieved savings for the majority of our clients, and we can do the same for you.

Check out some case summaries below showcasing the results we have produced for our clients.


Rob Stasiak

Rob is an accomplished entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in business marketing and cost management, including Fortune 500 companies. He understands the vital importance of expert guidance in proactively managing utility costs for businesses. Witnessing firsthand the prevalence of businesses overpaying for their energy costs, Rob founded ECORE to provide small to mid-market businesses with invaluable utility cost control and insights to reduce and optimize energy costs. His authentic and genuine win-win approach for reducing costs delivers impactful value and long-term savings for his clients. Rob is a graduate of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, with a Bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies from the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts.

Brian Somerville
Chief Analyst, CPA

Brian has exceptional expertise in utility billing for businesses, offering invaluable insights into complex billing statements. His highly specialized knowledge encompasses utility data interpretation, procedures, tariffs, rules, regulatory changes, supply rates and charges. Throughout his career, Brian has represented thousands of business owners and actively participated in Michigan’s utility rate hearings for the Attorney General’s office and industrial advocates, ABATE Energy. With three decades of experience, he has consistently advocated for the rights of Michigan ratepayers, resulting in remarkable outcomes that exceed $25 million in utility refunds and savings for local businesses. With Brian’s guidance, business owners can navigate the intricate landscape of utility billing to optimize their energy expenses with confidence and financial efficiency. Brian is a graduate of Wayne State University, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Business Management.

Gary Hollidge
Sales Director

With over 35 years of experience in sales management and business operations, Gary has an exceptional grasp of how ECORE can effectively optimize your energy costs. His expertise in the manufacturing industry and CPA business development offers a unique perspective across diverse business sectors, including automotive, construction, and many industrial/business services. Gary’s work with both small and large private companies has provided him with special insights within these industries. His keen ability to identify companies with a high potential for cost savings is a valuable asset to business owners seeking to reduce utility costs and maximize overlooked savings opportunities. Gary is a graduate of Albion College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and Economics and post-graduate Engineering Studies at Lawrence Technological University.


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